Busaba Heavenly Thai

Hailing from a small town that is quite close to the Thai border, some of our local dishes have already been infused with the Thai-styled of cooking, plenty of chillies, spices and too-hot-for-the tongue kind of food. So while I had an excursion to the big city of Kuala Lumpur, we decided to stop by one of the most talked about place a few years back — Busaba Heavenly Thai @ Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Busaba Heavenly Thai @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

The atmosphere at the restaurant is superb, there was just enough light to see your dishes and the people that are eating around you. Depending on the season and the mood of the person-in-charge, you will get to hear some Thai tunes, some Christmas-sy songs or even some of the latest from the popstars.

On the day of our visit, only 2 tables were occupied. We basically had the place to ourselves. Service was impeccable except that you are charged for ordering ice water (to douse the spicy Thai food). You can either have a set menu of your own, or you could order a few dishes to be shared among your friends/family.

Tomyam Goong or Tomyum Goong

A must-order at any Thai restaurant would be the tomyum/tomyam soup and they didn’t disappoint. It shouldn’t be too spicy and with just the right amount of sour taste. Unfortunately, unlike the Thai restaurants back home, Busaba serve theirs according to the number of bowls ordered. Which is quite limiting if you’re a tomyam/tomyum lover.

Check out the amount of chillies in the dipping

For our appetizer, we ordered some fried fish cakes. No prize for guessing the dipping that comes with it. Naturally, Thai food is only suitable for those who can take spicy food, as an indication, take the spiciest food that you have ever tasted and multiply that by at least 2-3 times. Although they do have certain non-spicy dishes (mostly vegetables and some meats) on their menu, it isn’t actually Thai if you are not trying their spicy dishes.

Stir fried black pepper beef

Our main course was beef, this was however, not properly done. The beef came a bit too chewy for our liking but nevertheless, edible. I actually liked the way the food was presented to us, if you’d notice, there is a small elephant next to the dipping. These small touches add to the overall Thai feeling about the place. If I’m not mistaken, the workers are also Thai.

Luckily, the Thais are also famous for their cooling desserts after downing so much spice and chillies. So keep some space for their mango desserts or even some coconut milk desserts.

Hospitality with a HEART instead of SMILE

So if you’re in the area around Bangsar Shopping Complex and you are craving for some Thai food, this would be a good choice. Price wise, the bill came up to about RM250 for 4 adults.


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  1. Add: F15, 1st Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar, KLTel: 603 2093 7708Located: Next to Alexis, BSCReview: First visit to Busaba at BSC Good service, beautiful decor, and wonderful food … this is Busaba at Bangsar Shopping Centre 🙂 Careful with the tom-yam though, can be VERY spicy, but full of flavour! Our fave dish? The pomelo salad! Tofu on sizzling plate is really good here, the otak-otak is acceptable (but only because its being compared with other first class dishes here!), the omelette was to die for … and the kangkung belacan was good too.


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