Swiss Bliss Update

I need your help with this. For those who are staying in Switzerland or those who have been there before. Planning to go during late August – early September 2013. This is my tentative itinerary — Swiss Bliss.

I think there are a few hectic days within it, one of them is the Golden Pass from Montreux to Interlaken, stopping by to visit Broc and Gruyeres all in one day with luggage on tow.

The mountain hiking day for Jungfraujoch and Thun would be another challenge, fitting both in one day. But since I’m only going to visit Thun Castle and Schadau Park, I think it is doable.

It would be good if you can help in giving me tips on food and lodgings. Budget-wise, spending on food is pretty much allowed. Lodgings would be around 2-3 stars. No need luxury, all I need is a place to sleep and bathe.



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