The Walking Dead

This could count as a delay of sorts, or probably a beginning to some, but if you have never heard of AMC’s The Walking Dead, please by all means, get your hands on it!

The show premiered back in October 2010 with 6 episodes, followed by a second season of 13 episodes and currently it is five episodes into Season 3. The series is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book of the same name, although there were some difference between the comics and the TV adaptation.

Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead tells the story of a small group of survivors trying to make sense of their world when it was overran by a zombie pandemic. During the course of the series, they meet up with other survivors, some of them good and some of them bad. The show is about a series of choices one have to make, or actually, the hero does when he is faced with questions and doubts about his leadership.

Spoiler Alert
(Do not go further, zombies ahead!)

Season 1

The first season started off with Rick Grimes waking up from an injury sustained during a shoot-out to find himself in an abandoned hospital surrounded by dead and rotting corpses. He doesn’t know how long he has been out and what happened. Nothing was mentioned so far (in the TV series) except that the zombie epidemic started quite abruptly and even the army was overran.

The pain doesn’t go away. You just make room for it – Andrea

His first destination was his home, only to find both his wife and son was gone. Being the sheriff’s deputy that he is (was), prior to the apocalypse, he noted that the photo albums were missing, hence a clue that his family is still alive when they left the place. He met up with Morgan and Duane, who told him the little that they know about what happened, and how people got infected (through a zombie bite, full marks if you guessed it right).

Knowing that he was in Georgia, the logical reason was to head to the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta. Talking about coincidence, his best friend Shane had already rescued Rick’s wife Lori and son, Carl. They are with a group of survivors camped just outside of the city. Somehow or another, the Grimes family was reunited but it was only temporary as the camp was overrun by ‘walkers’ (that’s what they call them, instead of zombies). With just a few of them surviving, they decided to visit the CDC. Unfortunately, they found nothing at the CDC except a scientist who was already at wits end. With the CDC running out of power, emergency protocols were initiated resulting in a massive explosion, leaving the survivors without a place to stay.

Season 1 Thoughts

I feel that the show is such a crowd-puller because of the choices the hero, Rick Grimes have to make when faced with questions. The writers’ made it all so hard for him, even some of the supporting casts have decisions to make for themselves too. Highlighting the humanity side, the logical side and sometimes, drawing on simple faith.

It makes you wonder when the show is over, how YOU would proceed if you were in their shoes. There are no right or wrong decisions, some are hard to make but for the safety of the group, someone has to make them. We have seen a couple of zombie movies during the last decade but nothing could compare to The Walking Dead when it comes to surviving.

Don’t talk. Think. That’s a good rule of thumb for life – Rick Grimes

For instance, there was this decision that the group had to make, do they try and rescue a foul-mouthed racist brother of one of the group members or do they just stay put so as not to waste any more ammunition? In the end, they chose to go back but he was already gone. And in their absence, the camp was attacked by a horde of zombies resulting in a loss of lives. Talk about bad luck.

Season 2

With the CDC gone, the survivors decided to try for Fort Benning but they encountered a massive ‘traffic jam’ of abandoned cars on the Interstate. A horde of walkers decided to travel at that particular time too resulting in Sophia (a girl) getting lost after being chased by walkers into the woods. During one of the searches, Carl gets shot but luckily there was a veterinarian (Hershel) nearby who managed to save his life. While Carl recovers, the rest of the group tries to find Sophia.

We put down a walker – Dale ; You killed a person – Hershel

However, tensions begin to rise between Rick’s group and Hershel’s group due to a different opinion when it comes to the ‘walkers’. This was not helped by the fact that Shane shot and killed Otis (Hershel’s friend) during a scavenging run. The discovery of walkers in Hershel’s barn was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Shane went crazy and released the locks on the barn door. The shooting went on until each and every one of the walkers were killed. But just when they thought it was over, another walker came out, only to be revealed as Sophia. Nobody knew what to do, except Rick, who went ahead and put a bullet straight through her head.

With Hershel in mental anguish over the unnecessary killings, the mantle of leadership among the survivors fell to both Rick and Shane. Secrets were revealed to show that Shane had an affair with Lori, and she is now pregnant. Shane plots to kill Rick but was killed instead. The group finally discovered that they are all infected, it doesn’t have to be a zombie bite that does it, as long as someone dies with their brain/head still intact, they will reanimate into a walker.

All the shooting and commotion resulted in another zombie horde attack on the farm, more supporting characters were killed. With no place to stay and no fuel for their cars, the remaining survivors were forced to regroup in an unfamiliar place, with loyalties and leadership issues being tested.

Season 2 Thoughts

The ‘decision-making’ theme was carried into the second season but this time, it was focused on relationship issues. It started off among Rick’s group, between Dale and Andrea, Carol and Daryl and most of all, the scandalous Rick, Shane and Lori triumvirate. The lost of hope was a recurring theme too, first with the destruction of the CDC and with it, the possibility of finding a cure. This was followed by the loss of Sophia who was revealed to have become a walker.

You think God exists? – Glenn

When they found hope in Hershel’s farm, he asked them to leave due to their differing views of the walkers. It is another twist to the classic tale of the town mouse and the country mouse. Hershel’s group of survivors were from a small community cut off from the outside world when the apocalypse started. To them, the walkers were people they know, their neighbours and their family members. Rick’s group on the other hand had to fight their way through a few zombie attacks, knowing that these walkers no longer have any higher mental function and would not recognize anyone, friend or foe.

It is hard to force your ideas onto someone else who believed differently, as was the case between Rick and Hershel, not to mention between Rick and Shane too. Shane viewed Rick as soft and not making the right decisions for the sake of the group. He felt that he sacrificed a lot for Lori and Carl but did not get anything in return. When Rick found out about the affair and the pregnancy, the situation got worst. I guess you can’t blame the 3 of them (Rick, Shane and Lori). Shane did all he could for Lori when Rick was in a coma, it was just all bad luck and bad timing that he came back alive and well. Shane couldn’t let go and so he had to die. Judging from the way the writers kill off some major supporting casts, this was going to be like Lost all over again, nobody knew who’s going to go next.

Season 3 (so far)

The zombie apocalypse probably started around summer, by the end of Season 2, winter was coming. Jumping into Season 3, it was already springtime. The remaining survivors looked more like a lean mean battle machine rather than the screaming or freaking out type. Some have grown a beard (Rick and Hershel) and some have grown some balls (Carl and Carol). Oh, and some have grown in size (Lori + pregnancy).

They have finally found a safe haven in a prison compound. But before that, they had some prison inmates to handle. Surprisingly, that went well pretty fast and talks of hope began to flourish for the group. They are now well fortified, with a huge compound to grow stuffs and food supplies that could last for months. But in zombieland, you can never be sure. Small mistakes led to deaths for Lori and T-Dog. The baby is born healthy but how are they going to take care of him/her?

On the other hand, a sadistic dictator called the Governor, managed to rescue Andrea and Michonne and inviting them to his lovely Woodbury, a few blocks of safe area representing a small town. He has a much bigger group, about 70+ people with plenty of ammunitions and surrounded by secrecy. Lo and behold, the foul-mouthed brother named Merle is shown to be alive and acting as the right-hand man (pun intended) for the Governor.


My Thoughts

Although scientists have proven that such an apocalypse (by zombies) could not exist, but that doesn’t mean that we are totally safe. An infectious epidemic could still occur. This led me to think about how prepared are we when it comes to surviving. Do you have the survival skills like Daryl (handy with a crossbow and animal tracking)? Are you leadership material? Do you know how to handle problems among group members? Could you survive on your own? Or do you need help?

I believe this one bloomed for your little girl – Daryl

What would you do if there is no electrical power? The water pipes stop flowing? Your favourite restaurant is not open for business? Do you have what it takes?

Send in your comments below!



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