This was our last day in Munich, so we decided to try out some Mexican food as suggested by Spotted By Locals. Located around the Viktualienmarkt area, this quaint corner shop with a welcoming façade, promises to serve a ‘Mexican culinary miracle’ for their guests, hence the name – Milagros.


We were early (6pm) on a day in which we didn’t even have reservations. Luckily, there were seats available for us, it is recommended that you have reservations. But we pushed our luck a little.

Milagros is translated to ‘miracle’

There is an outer dining area if you prefer, but we decided to ‘see’ their open kitchen which was located inside. The décor is generally Mexican flavoured, with their tiles, wooden tables and colour panels on the ceilings.

Milagros promises to serve authentic Mexican food which are freshly prepared and if you need proof, their open kitchen is there for all to see. We had a hard time choosing our meal because of the varieties involved and no proper English translation. The lack of translation wasn’t a stumbling block as their waiters were ever ready to provide assistance when needed.

I had the filet mignon, while the wife ordered the Jamaican pescado. For drinks, we had some fruit punches for our vitamin requirements since we were travelling and had less chance of taking fruits. Due to the ‘freshly prepared’ motto, it took quite awhile for the food to arrive. Around half an hour if I remembered correctly.

Although I have never tried Mexican before, the dishes that we ordered were made to perfection. They really weren’t kidding when they promised fresh ingredients. Maybe the pictures below would convince you more than I could ever put into words.

Tutti Frutti (€6.80)

Fruit Punch (€6.80)

Filet Mignon (€23.90)

Jamaican Pescado (€15.90)

We were really satisfied with the quality of the food and the service. This was also our last night in Munich and we had a train to catch. This meal would be able to last us till morning. The total bill came up to around €50. It is somewhat pricier than the usual fare that we had previously but it was all worth it.

Tip: If you are in the Viktualienmarkt area when everything is closed for the day, try to get some photos of the various statuettes lining the area.

Statue of Liesl






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