Tram #19

If you remembered a previous article highlighting the #69 bus in Paris while I was there, this is a somewhat similar travel arrangement in Munich, albeit with a different twist. This time around, we are taking the tram — Tram #19 that is.

All you need is the Inner Circle ticket and tram #19

All you need is just the Inner Circle travel card which if I’m not mistaken, lasts for 24 hours from the time of purchase. It is only €5.60 per person. The best place to start is from the Hauptbahnhof station, but as long as you are on the route of tram #19, you could hop on at any time that you please. Just make sure you are heading the direction of St.-Veit-Straße.

Tip: Try to find a seat right at the back of the tram, so that you can have a ‘panoramic’ view of Munich through the huge rear view window.

It is quite amazing that a city so modern as Munich, would have cobblestones path for the trams. The first stop would be Karlsplatz. The main idea for this tram ride is to have a look at Munich without stopping, all the way from Hauptbahnhof to Ostbahnhof. Next up would be the Bavarian Stock Exchange on Lenbachsplatz.

The tram would soon weave its way to the middle of the road along Promenadeplatz, when the tracks give way to shrubs and grass. Just as you are ooh-ing and aah-ing at a part of Munich that travellers seldom see, the tram brings you back to the Maximilianstrasse. This particular street is filled with designer labels catering to the rich and famous, it is also the street right in front of the Residenz.

Sit at the back of the tram for a panoramic view

Keep your eyes open for the Maxmonument right before the Isar River crossing. Then it will be followed by the roundabout way along the Bavarian Parliament into the Haidhausen area. If you have the time, get off around this area and walkaround, there are plenty of shops and cafes to cater to each and everyone’s taste and needs.

20 minutes later, get off at the Ostbahnhof station. You can either stay and have a look around the area or you could just hop on to the tram #19 that goes in the other direction back to Hauptbahnhof.

Where is the tram? (click to enlarge)


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