Professor Xavier Dies

The X-Men was my first and only interest in comics, but in my small town, the comics were hard to come by. I still remember the time when I wanted to complete my collection of the Age of Apocalypse, too bad that didn’t work out. The local comic store didn’t carry some of the titles.

I guess I was the only customer he had. The comics were initially RM4.20, then it became RM5.60. Inflation took over really bad after that, nowadays, it is RM15-16 per comic and they aren’t even printed on the glossy pages that they used to.

So this came as a shock when I read that Marvel finally decided to kill off Professor Xavier. This was in the Avengers vs X-Men #11 issue. I hope that it is not one of those in which they resurrect him in another later issue.

Rest in peace — Professor X.

Phoenix Cyclops vs Professor X


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