10 Life Advice

Read this from my local daily recently. This is the translated and shortened version.

1. Find the right opportunity to shine

Try to build up your skills, learn something useful. Pick up a second language, be good at orating, know how to organize, have good leadership skills. At the opportune time, use these skills wisely. But be wary, nobody likes a know-it-all.

2. Do not criticize. Especially your superiors/bosses.

You might never know who would be listening. If you have an opinion, make sure you voice out your concerns, discuss the matter not the person. Remember, the boss is ALWAYS right.

3. Try not to show off.

Still water runs deep. Try to keep a low profile. It pays to show off only when it is needed.

4. Mind your own business.

Keep in mind that at any time or at any job, if it is not yours, do not take. Do not help others to take either.

5. Nobody is irreplaceable.

It is a long road that you will be walking, people that you love might not love you in return. That is her/their loss. You don’t have to feel sad about it. Instead, you are supposed to live your life better.

6. People with self-interests abound.

Don’t be put off by it. There is no free lunch in this world. Be appreciative. Do not do onto others what you do not want others to do onto you. You can be good to others, but don’t expect them to return the favour.

7. Promises can be broken.

Don’t expect people to keep their promises. Be prepared for any outcome.

8. Believe in yourself.

You’re growing up, you have a career on your own. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a luxury car or that you are a pauper. What does matter is how you look at yourself.

9. Be happy.

Don’t let others influence you, happiness is something you choose to have, not something that others give to you. Seek out your own.

10. Treasure your family.

Life is short. Treasure each and every moment that you spend with your family. Once you are ready, then you can start to have a family of your own.


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