Bratwurst Glöckl

It would be a mistake of epic proportions if we were not to at least have a shot at trying some local food. Since we were around the Frauenkirche area, we decided on Bratwurst Glöckl. Don’t tell anyone, the decision was entirely down to the Spotted By Locals review.

This local institution goes back a few hundred years, but nowadays it is regarded as the place to be to get the best sausages and dessert. Now you would probably have heard of sausages but best dessert? What’s that?

Bratwurst Glöckl is famous for its sausages and dessert

It is only 7pm but the place is packed with tourists and locals alike. Everyone is jostling for a place to sit outside, where there is still light and the cool evening breeze is just perfect for dining. Well, the tradition here is that you must share your seat, so we did, with another German couple.

The Bratwurst Glöckl

I’m not an expert at recommending good food, especially so when it is our first time eating here. For that matter, we left it to the expert (local Spotter). So we ordered a Gemischte Glöckl-Platte that comes with 4 pork sausages, one cheese sausage and half a Stadtwurst, whatever they mean. If you are a fitness freak then these sausages are not for you, same goes for the healthy eating people. The amount of oil used and the animal fat that the sausages contain, is enough to clog up your arteries.

The Kaiserschmarrn is enough for 3-4 people

In case you were wondering why we ordered just one main course, it’s because of the desert — the Kaiserschmarrn. The portion is huge enough for 3-4 people, but we were only 2 scrawny Asians as compared to the Germans. This caramel-sugar-apple mixture is the biggest plate of dessert I have ever witnessed. I have never tried anything like it before and it is well worth it. We had plenty of time to spare, so we spent almost two hours for our dinner. The couple next to us didn’t even manage to finish their own plate of sausages. They were probably wondering why we could.

You need to click to see how big it is (click to enlarge)

There was plenty of chatter and laughter around us. Some were in German whilst the rest were probably Americans. Everyone was enjoying themselves over some beers. There was some street performance too but unfortunately for him, the response was lukewarm from the patrons.

For drinks, we ordered an apple juice and just for the sake of trying, a mug of Hellesbeer. I have never tried beer at all in my life, the closest thing to an alcoholic drink that I have taken is something called Anglia Shandy (alcohol content 0.05%).


Price wise? Came up to €40 for the both of us. Main course starts around €12. As for the Kaiserschmarrn? €8.50 per person and you MUST order for a minimum of 2 persons.



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