The Game

Last night, a local production team (ntv7) screened their reality drama entitled ‘The Game’ on local television. Dramas have never been our strong suit and there is a lack of good quality scripts and actors to fill up the roles. Yesterday’s attempt was seen as a breakthrough and hopefully it will inspire more directors or script writers to think of something new instead of the usual rom-com (romance comedy) or the boardroom struggles of an egocentric family.


The story is set in the present, 10 orphans from an orphanage planned for a gathering after 25 years since they were together. Unfortunately, a few months prior to the gathering, 4 died in gruesome ways and the killer was never identified. The remaining 6 decided to get together once and for all to find out who is the killer among them.


Most of the flashbacks during the drama took place while all of them were still kids, when they were bullied for being orphans. One of them came up with the idea of drawing the best way to ‘murder’ the person you hated the most. So all 10 of them drew theirs and buried it in a tin can. Making a solemn vow that they will remain friends forever and hope to die together.


The remaining 6 gathered at a hilltop retreat, presumably separated from any other people for the weekend. Initially it was a happy get together until someone decided to ask about the fate of the other 4 (presumably he didn’t know about their deaths), and all was revealed. The gruesome deaths of the other 4 orphans mimicked the description that they drew when they were small, hence making all 6 of them prime suspects.

When one of them dies by suffocation (another pre-ordained death method from the drawings), suspicions and accusations start to creep in. Each one wary of the other. Then one of them was found with multiple stab wounds. Making the situation worse.

The Twist

One of the main actor woke up at the hospital, apparently having suffered some sort of amnesia during one of the attacks. He soon found out that he was one of only two survivors from a murder spree up in the hills — 2 years ago. The other survivor has been lying in a comatose state for the past 2 years. So who were the people he met on the hilltop retreat?

The Truth

By being the only ‘conscious’ survivor (despite the amnesia), he was found not guilty of the 8 grizzly murders (4 pre-gathering, 4 during the gathering and 1 in a coma) by the authorities. However, friends and relatives of five of the orphans decided to ‘jump start’ his amnesia by re-enacting the crime scenes from 2 years ago. Hoping that he would finally confess and pay for his sins.


Although he could not remember what happened, he did remember that they used to draw their self-portraits on one of the walls of the hilltop retreat (which was their old orphanage once upon a time). So he proceed to tear down the wallpaper, to find that someone has crossed out all of their faces (including his) except one. Cue the ending credits. Letting the viewers ponder. A few probabilities:

1) He is the killer but after the amnesia, he took on one of the identities of the victims.

2) He is the survivor, having killed the murderer.

However, what the show lack or failed to tell us was the motive behind the murders.


Nevertheless, the hype behind the drama was that it was done without a proper script, the actors and actresses made up their own dialogue and suspicions on who was the murderer. It was all done in one take. The concept and idea was good, but there were still some loopholes here and there.

I have had a somewhat similar idea before for such a genre, gathered from all the murder-solving comics, movies and books. Maybe I will present to you, one of these days.


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