Simple Things A to Z

Copied this idea from the Nature Moms Blog, who copied it from some other blogger, who found it on someone else’s blog and so on and so forth. So without further explanation let us start!

A – ALARM. The one thing that reminds me to wake up on time and not be late for work. Thank god for the ‘Snooze’ button.

B – BRAINS. Without this I would not be functioning, nor would I be able to post this. Probably the least understood organ of the body.

C – COINS. Either you collect the rare ones for safekeeping, or keeping a memento of the places that you have been, or the usual occasion of using them to pay for purchases.

D – DVD. DVD collection of various TV series such as Lost, House, Bones, Prison Break and CSI. The advantage? No commercials.

E – EXERCISE. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

F – FAMILY. ‘Nuff said.

G – GAMES. Good for conversations and connecting among family members and friends. No, I am not talking about the latest MMORPGs, I am referring to the traditional boardgames like Monopoly and Cluedo.

H – HOLIDAYS. A time to relax and to be with family and friends.

I – INTERNET. Who haven’t heard of it?

J – JOKES. Why so serious?

K – KISS(ES). Kiss your loved ones. Kiss your dog. Or you could even kiss a picture of yourself.

L – LAUGH. Laughter is after all, the best medicine.

M – MAC. Nothing like an Apple product to light up my day.

N – NATURAL. Be yourself, connect with the outdoors or go green. Take your pick.

O – ORGASM(S). No, I am not going to elaborate on it.

P – PHOTOS. Going through photos, either of recent travel or just the usual snaps.

Q – QUIT (insert something here). Pick one of your vices or bad habits and take steps to quit it.

R – RELIGION. Inner peace. Zen. Meditation. Anything to free your mind.

S – SWEET STUFFS. Anything sugary. Usually of the edible type.

T – TRAVEL. Get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere new, somewhere local, somewhere different. Or actually, somewhere cheap.

U – UNIVERSAL GAME. In my context, it is soccer. To others, it could mean baseball, basketball, tennis, or even golf.

V – VITAMINS. Supplement your dietary intake with them.

W – WATER. 8 cups a day? Is that what the experts recommend?

X – OK. I don’t have anything that starts with X.

Y – YOURSELF. You need to be happy about yourself before you can be happy about other things around you. You, you, you!

Z – ZZZ. Sleep. Get enough of it.


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