DotA 2

Defense of the Ancients, or DotA for short has now been repackaged and released as DotA 2. You can follow the progress here. It has been 6 long years since I last played this game back when I was in my university days. Hours upon hours was spent playing and discussing about the game. And now, they have released DotA 2, allowing anyone with a copy to play online, best of all it is free. There is no pay-as-you-play fee involved.

DotA 2 : Spoils of War

My all-time favourite character is Clinkz aka Bone Fletcher, before he was ‘domesticated’ in the latest release (according to some comments I read). It was fun chasing after enemy heroes, shooting flaming arrows at them and disappearing when idle. I prefer ranged attacks as compared to close combat. Call me a coward but battles are won based on intelligence rather than brute strength was my belief then, and it still is now.

Back in those days, my friends and I used to play against the computer AI, using random heroes, once in awhile if we have enough numbers, we would go all out for a human versus human slugfest, all throughout the night. Now you know why I could work all throughout the day without much rest, I had good training back then.

Here are a few honourable heroes that I liked:

  1. Kardel Sharpeye; Dwarven Sniper
  2. Squee Spleen and Spoon; Goblin Techies
  3. Nortrom; Silencer
  4. Kel’thuzad; Lich
  5. N’aix; Lifestealer

Anyone wants to share a story or two about their experience with DotA? Feel free to comment below.


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