Spotted By Locals

Before I proceed with details of my recent trip to Europe, allow me to share with you a website that I found useful while planning for my trip.

Spotted By Locals

This website is packed with up-to-date details of 41 cities (and counting) across Europe. They rely on locals and, in this era of globalization, 20% of non-locals to supply information on the latest insider tips for the listed cities. If you find it interesting enough, you can download their iPhone app for easier use when you are travelling to these areas.

The one category that I found useful was the ‘eats’. No tourist traps but honest-to-goodness feedback on the places to eat around the 41 European cities. Be prepared to rub shoulders with the locals while having your meal, who knows, you might even meet the ‘Spotter’ (as the locals/non-locals who contribute are called) who suggested the restaurant.

Even if you do not find eating as important as I do, there are other categories that might appeal to you. What about places to shop? Or you prefer bars that the locals hang out? If you are interested in the arts, the Spotters do have a suggestion or two about where you can immerse yourself. To top it up, they even have the place marked on the map for you!

As we go along with the trip reports that I will be posting in the near future, you will get a glimpse of what I found useful with this website.

If you are interested and that you are staying in one of the 41 cities listed at the website, or even plan on adding your own European town to the growing list, please go ahead and do so! They need all the help they could get. Their Spotters Network also organize get-togethers once in awhile to keep the interest up.

They are also active on Facebook and Twitter!


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