Video Links

Was browsing through the web and a few videos caught my eye.

Here is a Japanese TV show featuring the late Aryton Senna and his heel-and-toe technique of driving a car. It is a technique used, to decelerate when turning into corners, and also to separate the F1 drivers from the rest of us. (from

Staged or not, you’d have to watch Pepsi Max’s latest commercial, in which the crew brought along ‘Uncle Drew’ to a neighbourhood basketball court to watch his nephew play. When they were a man short, he was asked to join. Will ‘Uncle Drew’ get bullied or will he stand up and show them how it’s done.

If you’re still up for it, this amazing time-lapse video at the Staples Center show how it is done to prepare the place for an amazing run of 4 days, in which 3 different teams had 2 games each, ALL held at the same center. (from

Check out this amazing wall installation of about 1200 Lego mini-figs to represent taxpayers. Makes you wonder why they didn’t think of that earlier.


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