Yesterday Once More


Candies anyone? Was reminiscing the candies that I used to have when I was a kid back in the ’80s. Come and share your favourite candies from yesteryear.

1) White Rabbit Creamy Candy

This is a product of a company from Shanghai, China. This chewy white candy comes wrapped with an edible transparent paper-like cover made from sticky rice. I like the way the wrapper melt in your mouth once you eat it. However, in 2008-2009, this candy was affected by the melamine milk scandal, which led to its withdrawal from the market. Pity.

2) Lemon Tablets

A local product by Beh Kwang Chee, made from a ‘secret’ recipe of orange skin, Chinese herbs and lemon oil, hence the name. It becomes powder-like once you put it in your mouth. Claimed to be good for stimulating the appetite, assist digestion and cure motion sickness. Not that I have used it for those purposes but I have a penchant for melt-in-the-mouth candies.

3) Gem Biscuits

Ahhh, that dollop of hardened-sugar icing on the little button-shaped biscuit. The pinnacle of childhood candy for me. It comes as a surprise while I was doing background research for this post, that the original manufacturers were British biscuit makers, Huntley & Palmers. I always thought it was local. Everyone wanted the white one, because of its rarity but then again, they all taste the same, whichever colour it was.

4) Haw Flakes

Made from Chinese hawthorn, this candy comes in coin-shaped pieces, 1mm thick. And you guess it, it melts in the mouth. There are about 10-15 slices per roll, I never kept count and the more I eat, the more I want. Other manufacturers made other shapes (rectangular, square, thicker versions) but I still prefer the original. Call me old-school, but that’s just me.

5) Marukawa Bubble Gum

The bane of all school-going children. Who haven’t stepped onto chewing gum lying on the ground? Back in those days, this was the brand that I stepped on. The original comes with a bubble bear face, and it makes the biggest bubble back then. For your information, this particular candy DOES NOT melt in your mouth.


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