Vacation Planning Part 2


I am guessing that this is the one thing that separates a dream from the reality. Nevertheless, it should not be a major obstacle to fulfilling your dream of travelling around the world. Imagine what we could do if we put in just a little effort. I share with you my story.

I have been planning for a 2-week European vacation since late last year, at that point in time, the exchange rate was RM4.35 for €1. I was still determined and went up to one of the bank tellers, who told me that the lowest he could remember was RM4.30 for €1. So, I waited as news of Greece’s imminent bailout and how it almost went all lopsided for the European Union gathered around me, or rather that particular area that I was planning to go to. But in the meantime, I still proceed with my research and I was determined that I will be going, even if it will cost me more.

Luckily, at the start of 2012, everything went pear-shaped for the European Union, down came the Euro and I was looking at an unbelievable exchange rate — RM3.96 for €1! A drop of 30 cents, which multiplied by a few thousand would be a significant amount of money saved! Hooray! Budget woes solved!

Moral of the story, plan early, plan smart and save up for the trip that you have always wanted. I would like to show you my budget breakdown but that would have to wait until the end of my trip, so stay tune. As for now, I leave you with a couple of websites that have ‘been there and done that’ so to speak.


Nobody likes packing and then wonder, “Did I left something out?” Or worse still, “What should I pack?”. Well, fret not, the Internet is here to help. I bet all you would-be travellers have already keyed in those questions into Google and got bombarded with a ton of lists from each and every so-called traveller out there. I know, I basically did just that too. So I guess I will just stop boring you with my own packing list.

But at least indulge me a little and have a look at some practical items that you should be carrying around on your trip.

  1. The universal adapter: Depending on where you are heading, try to get the proper adapter for your electronic gadgets. You don’t want to find yourself without it.
  2. Prescription medications: This is the doctor speaking, if you need certain regular medications, please make sure you have all of them with you. Or at least get your doctor to write down the GENERIC name instead of the brand.
  3. Passport/Visa/Tickets: Do I need to say more? Period.
  4. Camera/Camera gear: I doubt anyone would forget these but please make sure you have your SD cards with you, the camera charger and maybe some spare batteries.
  5. A simple first aid kit: Painkillers, antibiotics, charcoal tablets, sewing kit, Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, rehydration salts, gauze etc.

Don’t forget, everything else you can buy! In case the packing freak inside you still need to be let loose, redirect him/her to Travelite FAQ.

Well, there you have it — the basics of vacation planning. Come on you guys, share with me some ideas!

Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled


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