Other Blogs Part 2

We carry on with the second part of this series, this time the theme is related to my April Fools’ Joke about the amazing Sour Plum Chicken Recipe. These blogs are the real deal, the ones with the proper recipes and instructions.

Ranting Chef

A chef who claim he is just amateur — not! A glance through his dishes and recipes and you will find some gems. He organizes his recipes according to either cuisine-based or ingredient-based, making it an ease to find something. Who knows? He might just figure out how to cook the real Sour Plum Chicken.


Ever heard of the saying too many cooks spoil the broth? This website is the anti-thesis to that saying and they have the proof! So instead of having the advice of one chef, you have two! It is an excellent mixture of taste and they do not disappoint. Give them a visit and they might just inspire you with a recipe or two.

Cloud Of Lace

This is both a recipe blog and a foodie blog. Mixing Middle Eastern recipes and reviews of various restaurants in and around her area. You could even find tips on fashion and lifestyle here. In case you were wondering why do our blogs look alike? It is just because we are both using the same theme.



    1. All I can tell you is that the chicken is fried first then only is the sour plum sauce added. Looking forward to your new recipe!


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