Other Blogs Part 1

How fast time flies! In a week’s time, this little niche of mine will be one month old and I am not even at my 20th post yet! Time to share with you, some interesting blogs that went through the trouble of reading my posts. A big thank you to all of you out there.

Instead of just linking each and every one of them, I will try my best to portray them in a few words, based on reading about their blogs so far. A bit of a sneak preview if you would say, to know more about them, feel free to click on the links!

A Leaf In Springtime

Surprisingly, this is from a fellow Malaysian who is currently staying in The Land of A Thousand Lakes. Her passion includes photography and her shots dot her posts in abundance. Unlike mine, which are usually bland and copied from others. She also share her thoughts on self-mastery and to live a peaceful and homey life!

Nick Exposed

Nick Mayo is a wonderful still life photographer. I like to use words to inspire but he uses photos that he took to inspire. And he has the ability to bring life or inspire us with simple things that we see daily through his posts. It will be some time before I will be able to do so but in the meantime, drop by his site and get inspired!

Get Set And Go

Although it is only her 4th month of posting, if you are looking for good budget travelling advice from a layperson instead of from those who are paid to travel, this is the place to go. I think she will add more as we follow her journey from Europe to Asia. She even made it her plan to travel to new places each year. No need to be envious, she will make sure you get to do it yourself too!


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