KL Trip (22-26/3)


Photos From The Trip

Two weeks ago, I was in KL attending my sister’s registration of marriage (ROM). Coming from an idyllic small town on the East Coast, a trip to the West and to the nation’s capital was something that I look forward to eagerly. An escape from the slumber into the hectic lifestyle of a city dweller.

The main agenda was of course for the ROM, although food came a close second. We had a mixture of Chinese and Italian food throughout the weekend. Starting off with a trip to Esquire Kitchen at one of the shopping malls. Esquire Kitchen has been a family favourite ever since I was a little boy, and sad to say, the quality is getting poorer each visit. Although this might have something to do with the particular branch and not the whole franchise per se.

Out of the 3 dishes that we ordered, one was too salty and another bland, leaving us with just one dish of good food, which was the Sour Plum Fried Chicken. I will share with you the simple way of cooking this dish in a future post. So there you go, the best food was a food which I could have whipped up at home, which didn’t justify the price. But anyway, that was just my opinion.

As for Italian food, when we are not anywhere around Italy, was basically limited to various pastas and different choices of spaghetti. Will have to try out the real original stuff if I have the chance to visit Italy. I don’t think I am a good enough food critic to pass judgement on the quality of Italian food, until I have tried the original. Going by the quality I had during the trip, it was pretty much acceptable, although you feel full, the amount ingested is pretty much smaller than the regular meal that I am used to.

It was not just all so-so food over that particular weekend and it all came down to the basic restaurant without any frills that won the respect of my stomach. The food? Plain old steamboat. For those who are uninformed about this particular dish, it is just basically like stew, except the ingredients are added at your table, according to your wishes! The soup is left boiling on the table, with all the ingredients around you, fish balls, meat balls, vegetables, tofu, prawns etc. All were partially cooked before hand, all you need to do is just add them to the boiling soup, wait for it to cook and voilà! (Sorry about the lack of pictures, was too busy eating!)

I am still trying to get the hang of whipping out the camera whilst eating to snap photos. It will take some time, as I prefer to indulge rather than snapping.


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