Earth Hour 2012

Before I forget, here is a shameless plug for something that has been going on since 2007. In case you have been on the moon for the past few years,  I am talking about Earth Hour 2012. Yes, another year has come around and since last year’s event which took place in almost 135 countries involving 5,200 cities around the world, who took part by switching off their electrical appliances for ONE HOUR. I am guessing this year’s event will be bigger than before.

This annual event is to remind everyone about the perils of climate change. A warming planet alters weather patterns, water supplies, seasonal growth of crops and a sustainable way of life for us.

So are you committed to the cause?

P.S. Earth Hour is scheduled on the last Saturday of March, closely coinciding with the equinox so that most of the cities are in darkness.

Earth Hour Tees


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